An Apple A Day Acupuncture Of Arlington 


Services Offered


Health history and diagnosis:   At An Apple A Day Of Arlington,  we will spend a good amount of time talking about your health history on the first visit. Although you may come in with digestive complaints, I will also ask you questions about post nasal drip, headaches, energy slumps during the day, sleep patterns, etc. You may have been told by doctors in the past that “one has nothing to do with the other” but in Chinese medicine every aspect of your health is connected.

Acupuncture: An acupuncture treatment involves the insertion of single-use, disposable, sterile, hair thin needles into various points on the body. These needles are much thinner than the needles that we have experienced in the doctor’s office.

Needle-free treatments:  I offer gentle and effective alternatives to needles, such as magnets or electro-stimulation with pads. I can also use acupressure techniques that are similar to massage techniques. Moxabustion (“moxa”) is the application of warming herbs to the acupuncture points. Far infrared heat lamp therapy penetrates deeply into injured tissues and improves blood flow and healing to the muscles and tendons.

All treatments are wonderfully relaxing. Patients report that they feel the stress flow right out of themselves.

Call to arrange a free “meet and greet” (20 minutes in length) appointment to discuss your health concerns and to determine whether or not acupuncture might help you.