An Apple A Day Acupuncture Of Arlington 


As the saying goes,“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”


Wouldn’t you like to stay so healthy that when you went for your annual physical exam, your doctor would tell you “You’re in great shape; whatever it is you’re doing, just keep doing it”? Wouldn’t you like to be free from pain, stress, ill-health and anxiety? Would you like to sleep better, have an improved immune system, enjoy eating without distress, live a better quality life? Acupuncture can help you achieve these and more.


Effective treatments without side effects. Acupuncture is increasingly becoming more popular in this country, although it has been used for thousands of years in Asia. Acupuncture is the insertion of single-use, disposable, sterile, hair thin needles into various points on the body. There are no side effects, as there often are with so many medications. Acupuncture is a safe, effective and reliable means of treating disease, pain, and chronic ill health. If you have a dislike of needles, I can stimulate the acupuncture points without needles.

Treatments are comfortable and relaxing:

The treatments are usually done while you lie down on a padded massage table, with pillows under your head, legs, and arms. Warmed herbal packs or an infrared heat lamp often accompany the treatment. A treatment is so relaxing that the majority of patients fall asleep and wake up feeling wonderful. Ask your friends, you’ll be surprised how many people have an acupuncturist among their team of health care providers.

Treatment options: Acupuncture, Acupressure, Magnet Therapy, Acu-stim needle-free treatments.